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Hey! I’m Jo Anna Van Thuyne, but most of the internet knows me as Jo Pincushion. I’m a hardworking freelance creative that’s always ready to tackle that next project. Whether it’s putting together a campaign for one of my social media clients, or sitting down with a Luchador in my Creepy Basement—I’m always willing to give 110%.

I am an energetic and passionate individual with the ability to work efficiently and effectively with others. I am an intricate creative writer and have the essential idea building skills needed to succeed. I am always eager to accept a position designed to help harness my creativity and showcase my outstanding work ethic.

I’m a writer, producer and personality in the Philadelphia area. As you can see, I’m ready to take on the world!

What I Do

Social Media and Content Creation

I am a passionate copywriter and blogger with a number of skills ranging from television production to social media. I am extremely well versed in the ways of the Internet, and I know the tricks of the trade. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients increase their online presence.

I’ve been managing Social Media for a number of clients over the past two years. Social media is a great way for small businesses to build relationships with their customers, ensure credibility and create community. I love helping small businesses increase their online presence through strategized social media implementation, monitoring and content creation.

Here are some of my clients:


There are many benefits to adding social media services to any business plan. Contact me today for a free web evaluation and social media proposal.

I am currently looking for interns! Send me your information today!

Video Production

I graduated from LaSalle University with a degree in Communications and a focus in film and mass media. Since my graduation in 2007, I’ve always had my hands in the production business. I started my career with ShadowBox Pictures as their associate producer. I went on to work on various local film projects like The Suspect, and I’ve grown a vast network of talented film professionals in the Philadelphia area.

Lake Placid 2014 from Jo Pincushion on Vimeo.

Take What You Need from Jo Pincushion on Vimeo.

I offer video production services to my social media clients as well as various events in the Philadelphia area. I can produce everything from an event coverage video to a broadcast ready commercial. Contact me today so we can collaborate.

My Passions

Creepy Basement

I host and co produce an interview series on Scrapple TV called Creepy Basement. This is one of my favorite projects. I interview local and national figures that have a particularly creepy passion or persona. I’ve talked to special effects makeup artists, producers, horror hosts, and Skeletor himself. I love talking to people that are as passionate about the macabre as I am.

The Pincushion

The Pincushion is located right on and caters to my own brand of wit, humor, and style. I have a great team of bloggers that write amazing articles for The Pincushion. If you’re looking for a blogging outlet– feel free to drop me a line! I’m always looking for new voices to join the team.

The Pincushion Podcast

Pincushion PodcastThe Pincushion Podcast was my edgy podcast that took an unapologetic stab at male-dominated subject matter – like gaming, politics and porn. I hosted, produced and edited the podcast which also featured some of my more outspoken friends.

The Pincushion Podcast was divided into many segments: geekery, sex and relationships, and retro. The podcast even featured special guests as well as musical guests. I stopped producing this podcast regularly, but every once in a while I find a reason to sit down with an interesting figure in Philadelphia.

If you would like to be on The Pincushion Podcast, or need help producing a podcast of your own contact me today!


I’ve been blogging for a number of sites in and around Philadelphia for years. I’ve been writing with Geekadelphia for almost 4 years. I wrote for Townsquare Media’s and various portals. I write for Quirkbooks‘ blog occasionally, and I’ve even been seen on Shmitten Kitten. I now blog frequently for Bits DuJour, and I’m always looking for new opportunities.

If your blog is looking for something with a little snark and wit reach out to me today!

Comedy and Acting

I’ve always been a character. I love making people laugh, or slipping into the personality of an interesting character. I’ve been seen in Bootless Stagework’s productions of Evil Dead the Musical and Texas Chainsaw Musical. I’ve acted in a few independent projects around Philadelphia, and I even made an appearance in a Sheetz commercial!

A Collection of Jo Pincushion from Jo Pincushion on Vimeo.


Sometimes you can catch me on a comedy open mic, or storytelling in a coffee shop. My journey with comedy is only just beginning–and I believe that it’s the start of a beautiful friendship. If you’re working on a project and need my acting prowess contact me today and let’s work something out!

As you can see, I’m willing to wear many different hats and do anything to make my clients happy and successful. If you think one of my talents would suit your brand—contact me today. Let’s talk about how I can help build your brand and online presence.




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